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Volunteer Request Guidelines

Single Volunteers isn't your ordinary volunteer group. In addition to our goal of providing you with high-quality, hard-working volunteers we also wish to provide our volunteers with fun experiences where they will get to work closely with other Single Volunteers. As such, we do have some very specific guidelines that have to be met in order for us to accept your project request.

  • You must need a minimum of 10 volunteers at one time. We cannot send fewer then 10 volunteers per shift.
  • You must be in need of volunteers for group work, meaning that our volunteers will work together in groups of at least 3-4 people. We cannot, for example, do things like mentoring, working in a "coat check" for a fund raiser, or doing work such as parking duty because these jobs need just one or two volunteers per station (e.g., one parking duty person directs cars to another parking duty person who is standing 20+ feet away). We can do things like working at race water stations where there may be 10 plus people per station, all working in the same area to pass out water. We can also do things like painting projects, hiking or biking trail clean-up, food preparation, festival setup & tear down and other events where there will be multiple volunteers painting in each area. If your work is not group work please do not submit a request.
  • We cannot get you repeat volunteers, or the same set of volunteers on different days. Our organization provides "one time" volunteers only. If you are in need of multiple volunteers on multiple days we will work to get you volunteers each day that you need them, but we will not provide you with the same volunteers on an ongoing basis.
  • We can send our volunteers to an orientation session only if that orientation immediately preceeds the event. If you need the volunteers to arrive a half-hour early for training please indicate the start time on the form below to include that earlier time. We cannot send volunteers to an orientation session that occurs days or weeks before the event.
  • Please estimate your volunteer needs accurately. Too often organizations over-estimate their needs and we end up with far too many volunteers at the event. The volunteers are bored and have too little work to do and are not likely to volunteer again if this happens. Our volunteers work very hard and we typically have a very low rate of volunteer cancellations - there is no need for you to request more volunteers then you will truly need.
  • We prefer volunteer projects that last no more then 5 hours. If you have a longer or even all-day event we may ask you to accept a few shifts of volunteers instead of using one group all day long. Please fill out the form with the event start and end times for all-day and we will contact you via email to setup shorter shifts and groups of volunteers.
  • If you will be offering food, beverages, t-shirts or any other "perks" to the volunteers do let us know that. It is fine if you aren't (most events do not), but signups tend to be better if we announce such things when they are available.
  • Although we try to accept all events our schedule sometimes does not allow for us to do this. If we cannot assist we'll let you know via email and, when possible, try to setup an alternate date when we can help.

Thank you for reading this information! If you have questions about our policy feel free to contact us.

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