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Welcome to Single Volunteers of DC (SVDC) - a great place to meet new people and help your community at the same time!

Who are SVDC Volunteers?

SVDCer's are an amazing group of dedicated, energetic and caring single professionals from the Metro DC area who are interested in devoting their time and energy to improving the quality of life in their communities through volunteer work.

SVDCer's are also some of the friendliest people in the Metro DC area, creating a large networking circle where there is unlimited potential for friendship, career development and, of course, romance.

What types of activities does SVDC participate?

SVDC only works with non-profit and not-for-profit organizations in activities where a group of people can easily work together. Examples are: beautifying our parks and waterways, march in a parade holding flags or balloons, assemble mailings, help with food distribution and/or preparation, and activities working with children, animals, and mentally and/or physically challenged persons. For a listing of upcoming events, click here.

SVDC also hosts a variety of social events, including a New Years' Eve Bash, Anti-Valentine's Day party and happy hours, to entertain members and provide another outlet to meet and mingle.

SVDC members are also encouraged to create activities, such as hikes or bike rides, theatre, concert or sporting event outings, and museum trips. For a listing of upcoming social events, click here.

How much does membership cost?

Nothing, zero, zip i.e. totally free!

What obligations are there to being a member?

The two primary obligations required of SVDC volunteers is that you only participate if you are single (i.e., available to date someone) and that you meet your commitment of attending all events for which you sign up.

We hope you'll join us in making a difference in the DC area and meeting some wonderful people! If you have any questions, please contact us.


Upcoming Events:

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Featured Organization:

The Salmon Foundation

Location: 6835-C Washington Blvd, Arlington, VA 22213

Description: I mentor 8 children from the DC-Metro area. I am in the process of filing my 501C3 paperwork in order to form an official Foundation. I have found over the last two years that I'm unable to financially support the activities and needs of these children so I decided to form a Foundation around my passion for these kids. The Salmon Foundation is primarily focused on learning by experience: I take them whitewater rafting, I provide them computers and teach them how to utilize the Internet; I've helped them start businesses; I take them go-cart riding, etc. I now want to begin taking them to things such as the Shakespeare Theatre or the Wall Street tour. Within the next five years I want to begin taking "my" kids to other continents. I believe if you show children the world, they will know how to change it... My immediate volunteer needs would be someone to provide transportation to New York for a day field trip. I'm low on funds as I am using monies raised for startup costs so I'm looking for someone who could not only provide the transportation but the gas also. I'll take care of the parking and lunch--how 'bout that? Portland Reed