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Team Leader Info

Weíre so glad youíre thinking about being a teamleader! Without our team leaders (TLís) SVDC couldnít possibly continue its awesome work in the community. If youíre organized, fun, and outgoing youíll love team leading!
  1. What is a TL?
    • TLís serve as a liaison between the organization requesting volunteers, SVDC co-directors, and members.
    • TLís act as host/hostesses during the event.
  2. TL requirements
    • You must have volunteered at one or more events before leading
    • Thereís no maximum number of events that you can lead at one time.
    • Having or requesting a co-leader is totally cool.
    • Plan to spend about an hour organizing an event (excluding the time at the event).
  3. Managing Sign ups aka lead as you would want to be lead
    • Sign ups should be taken on a first-come, first-served basis.
    • Events can be designated as age-specific (with co-director approval) i.e. 20-somethingís, 30-somethingís, etc. However, idís are not to be checked, all should be welcomed with open arms.
    • Please respond within 2 days to everyone who sends you a signup. Folks in the area like to make plans, so a quick "Thanks for your email. You are in for this event. More information will follow shortly." or "Thanks for your email. Unfortunately, this event is full. Please consider signing up for another open event with SVDC." would be great.
    • We strive for gender balanced groups of volunteers. We have found the best way to insure an even ratio of men to women is by taking extra sign ups to cover for last minute drop outs and no-shows. Say you need 20 people for your event, so youíre aiming for 10 men and 10 women, youíll need to sign up 16 women and 12 men.
    • When you are full for men/women/both, please Contact Us so we can update the website.
    • Please do NOT sign up more volunteers or change the event date that has been advertised on the website (even if the organization asks). Contact a co-director first.
  4. Prior to the Event
    • Send event info. about the event to your volunteers no later than 5 days before the event (unless they sign up within that time frame). Don't wait for the event to fill up!
    • When youíre appointed TL, call the organizations contact to confirm details and get any additional info. you might need (e.g., parking permits, passing on the volunteer names in advance, etc) ASAP.
    • Have a plan for a social before, during, or after the event, and encourage everyone to attend. The socials provide a relaxed way to start/wrap up the day and get to know your fellow volunteers better (especially on larger events, where you might not get to work with everybody). Something within walking distance of a pub or casual restaurant works great!
  5. Managing the Event
    • In case of emergency or problems at your event, please keep your co-directorís phone number handy. If an injury occurs call IMMEDIATELY (after taking appropriate medical actions, calling 911, contacting the organizations contact, etc.).
    • If you can, have nametags for your volunteers, itís helpful with people getting to know each other.
    • Make sure your volunteers get to work together as much as possible. If the organization deviates from what a co-director has agreed to, feel free to call us. We especially do not agree to events that include traffic or parking control (how can you possibly meet someone out in a parking lot all by your lonesome?).
    • Please introduce yourself to the organizationís coordinator when you arrive.
    • Plan to arrive a little earlier than your volunteers. If theyíre late, make sure you can be easily found it helps to alleviate confusion and no-shows.
    • If possible, switch around volunteers so that people can get to know each other. But don't force it, if people are having a good time, let them be.
  6. Post-Event Wrap Up
    • Please send out two emails after the event: o Send an email to the volunteers thanking them for their help and attending, also include their FIRST name and email address so that they can contact each other. Please encourage them to send post-event feedback to Us
    • And contact Us so we know how your event went. Also, include a list of no-shows/cancellations.
  7. Inclement Weather
    • If it looks like your big day may be marred by bad weather, call your contact and find out about their cancellation policy. Also, see if thereís a number that volunteers can call to check on the days status. If the event is going to be cancelled let us know ASAP, so that we can update the website.
    • Contact your volunteers as early as possible and let them know what the situation is. Many folks do not have email access at home, so please provide them with a number they can call you to ask any questions or ask them for their number. Also, please remind those that only have email access at work to check for any messages from you.